We have been providing premium translation services in the heart of Paris for over 50 years. Our team is at your service to assist and advise you at each stage of your project. We recommend regular contact be maintained with our project managers, so we can really get to know your company and ensure your expertise is reflected in the translated documents. This way, we can discuss and agree, from the word go, on terminology, technique and style, to ensure we work to your needs and in harmony with your organisation.

For each of your translation projects, we guarantee:

  • An almost immediate response to your requests
  • Personalised follow-up
  • A single point of contact
  • A top-quality translation by a qualified, highly skilled translator, who translates only into their mother tongue
  • A primary translator assigned to you for consistency in your ongoing translation requirements
  • Proofreading of your translation by an expert reviewer
  • Quality control of your translation by your project manager
  • The systematic application of your terminological preferences
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • The systematic and unconditional respect of your deadlines
  • The option of having your translations formatted and integrated into your website
  • Ongoing monitoring of quality with no time restrictions

The languages we cover

We work daily with the languages most used in business.However, if your request involves rarer languages, we can still find the right translator for you.

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Eastern European languages
  • Asian languages


Translation carried out by a sworn translator

A translation carried out by a sworn translator, also called a certified, or sworn, translation, is an official translation recognised by the courts and the government services. It is carried out by a translator who has testified upon oath and been registered with a French court of appeal.
A sworn translation is required for many administrative documents such as civil status documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.), Chamber of Commerce certificates, legal rulings, diplomas, etc.
If it is to be officially recognised, a sworn translation must always be from or into French. The sworn translator affixes their stamp to the original documents or certified copies thereof, to which the translation must be attached. If you have documents to be legalised it is mandatory to have any translations done by a sworn translator.

Legalising documents

Our company offers a ‘legalisation package’: we get your document or documents translated by a sworn translator and then we carry out the necessary legalisation procedures with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate of the country requiring the translated document or documents.
Legalisation authenticates documents required by a government service or a foreign organisation. It certifies the authenticity of the signature on a document, the capacity of the signatory and, if applicable, the identity of the seal or stamp affixed to the document. If everything is found to be satisfactory a stamp is affixed to the documents. Foreign authorities may request documents to be legalised. For more information, visit: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F1400


We can provide specialised interpreters (insurance, negotiation, medicine, etc.). In addition to their translation skills, our interpreters also have advanced communication skills. Being well versed in the subject at hand, the interpreter will use their skills to facilitate effective communication between the parties.

Consecutive liaison interpreting

  • Suitable for events with a limited number of participants
  • The interpreter mostly works without taking notes, memorising short segments of speech and interpreting them into the target language
  • Consecutive interpreting is a no-fuss, spontaneous option, requiring only one interpreter (please note, however, that every 30 minutes, the interpreter must be substituted by a colleague), and no sound equipment is required
  • Liaison interpreting is used in informal settings: in interviews, when parties come together to sign documents, during business meetings, at trade shows and exhibitions, for company visits, and international public relations

Simultaneous interpreting

  • Suitable for events involving larger numbers of participants
  • The interpreter translates what the speaker is saying in real time
  • Two interpreters per language are required, as they can only work for 30 minutes at a time
  • You need to have the right equipment for simultaneous interpreting (booth, case containing the microphone headset, transmitter, receiver with headsets, etc., or a ‘bidule’ [portable equipment for a simplified method], etc.)
  • Simultaneous interpreting is used in more formal contexts: conferences, congresses, legal, technical or business seminars, etc.

Whispered (simultaneous) interpreting

  • Suitable for a single listener
  • The interpreter translates in real time, without equipment, whispering into the participant’s ear
  • Again, more than one interpreter is needed for a successful outcome, as they will need to take it in turns to interpret
  • Whispered interpreting is used in all types of situation

Equipment hire

We have been working for many years with a partner company. The interpreting equipment is set up at your premises by a specialist technician the day before your event or on the day itself.
When you hire equipment from us we will set it up, disassemble it and ensure you have technical assistance on hand for the duration of your event. This solution offers great flexibility not only at an organisational level but also in terms of costs. Pricing is based on the equipment required (quantity, technical specificity), the length of time it is required (the price goes down the longer the hire period, which is still short-term though) and the event location (Belgium, France or abroad).
Type of equipment:
Interpreter’s booth and console, case containing the microphone headset, transmitter, receiver with headsets, etc., infrared headphones … Your project manager will help you determine which equipment you’ll need.


As a language services specialist with over 45 years’ experience, we offer business English courses to meet your professional needs. Our method is based exclusively on a programme of one-to-one lessons to help you learn the language in a work-centred environment.
This high-octane approach is guaranteed to have you speaking and understanding English in no time, and thus performing your role in your company at full capacity. Lessons are held face-to-face, at your place of work, with an experienced bilingual teacher, and last between one to two hours each.
If you prefer, lessons can also be given by telephone or video-conference, thereby offering you maximum flexibility. We have been working in Paris since 1971, and since 2014, we have also been providing courses in the Lyon region.


Whether it’s your website or a hard copy publication (catalogue, brochure, magazine, etc.), we can adapt it for your international audience. Meanwhile, Clémentine, our localisation / desktop publishing expert, will match up the graphics and reproduce the exact layout of your documents, in adherence to your visual identity guidelines. He will also be responsible for integrating any edits or changes you wish to make as your multilingual project progresses, and will seek to respect all technical, time and production requirements.